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1. Q: Is your soap natural? 

    A: Yes, O'live Soaps are 100% Natural.

2. Q: Can I wash my face with O'live Soap bars? 

    A: Yes, you can wash your face, body even your hair with O'live Bar Soaps. 

3. Q: Do you only put olive oil in your soaps? 

    A: We only use high quality olive oil and spring water in our soap making process. 

4. Q: My skin is very sensitive, can I use your soap? 

    A: Yes, you can use O'live Soaps comfortable on sensitive skins and all type of skins. 

5. Q: Do you add scent to your soaps?

    A: All of our soaps are naturally scented from olive oil we use during soap making process, there is not any additional additives. 

6. Q: My skin type is oils, can I use your soaps? 

    A: Definitely you can use O'live Soaps, it balances the oil level on your skin. 

7. Q: Do you have deals or discounts? 

    A: Yes, you can subscribe our email list at anytime to receive special discounts and free shipping deals and much more.. 

8. Q: My soap started to melt faster, what should I do?

    A: Please keep soap dry between each use, if you leave the soap in the water, it will last shorter. 

9. Q: There is some kind of jelly thing on the soap after I use a while. What is it?

    A: It is glycerin naturally comes from olive oil. There is high amount of glycerin in olive oil and it is very healthy for your skin .If you leave your soap wet, glycerin comes out faster and melts away, so please keep your soap dry between uses and you will get benefit of natural glycerin longer. 


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