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People have been asking how O’live started and I can say that it was the product of my passion about natural products. As a young entrepreneur in New York, I decided to choose the path that is full of with my passion and love.

The biggest motivation for me to start this business was because I love natural products and I love to introduce them to the people I care, so they can benefit as well. This is how O’live has been created. I created the brand O’live by thinking long and healthy life with full of happiness.

As a country of origin, I preferred Mediterranean region because I already had the amazing experience with the ingredients that are produced in Anatolia in the Mediterranean region. Each product of O’live has been presented to use of our customers after they were prepared with ingredients that were cultivated, grown and picked completely naturally, handmade and packaged artfully with eco-friendly materials. I customized each of them to offer the most benefit and better use to our lovely customers who deserve the best at everything.

Selling the products that I am already in love with is fantastic feeling and when people love the products; you feel the blessings and positivity of all the customers.

Our product line now includes all natural olive oil soaps, shower loofah, facial and body skin exfoliating gloves, lava earth stones for foot care, pure olive oil for skin and hair care, and pure rose water for facial care etc. In addition, we recently added more items to product line which are amazing, good quality personal and health care items that are being produced overseas.

Our business and O’live team keep growing with the mission that is to produce pure and high quality products, to present them to our customers with best possible customer service for them to live healthier and happier life with complete peace while we are contributing eco-friendly practices and applying them to our manufacturing progress as well. 

I welcome you to be part of our dream and excitement to have elevated life experience with pure and healthy products from nature.

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