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Why should you use natural soap?

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Planet Earth, on which mankind has lived for years, is rich enough to supply all our needs. There are countless materials in the air, on land, and underground for us-- for humanity. Most of the time, we forget that we, too, are the part of the ecosystem. In fact, it is best for us to live coherently within the ecosystem. Certainly, we as humans rely on our minds as well as our emotions. As a result, our decisions andactions do not always turn out the way we intended them to. The path which was meant to bring about benefit for mankind often causes unwanted results when intervened by money, power and profit. Our subject here is the importance of using natural soap, but it is crucial to explain these concepts in order to recognize the importance of using natural soap.

We already mentioned how soap was invented in early ages in our other blog notes. Since then, progress in soap making has followed its original base, but there have been many additions to this progress. Original method only requires vegetable oil or animal fat ingredients, but many chemical ingredients or lab-processed ingredients have been added to soap making progress for a while. Some of those additions have been made to increase the benefits of using soap, while others have been made to maximize profit for soap producers. Why should we care about this?

We can observe that lower quality materials are being used to minimize companies’ costs, yet we know that the quality of soap changes based on the quality of the materials used in soap-making progress. Moreover, we see more and more soap on the market that is harmful rather than beneficial to human skin. Many ads or packages are misleading people with fancy packaging or beautiful scents, when, in reality, they are of low quality and contain harmful chemicals. At best, those soaps don’t harm you but they also don’t offer you any benefits. If that’s so, why aren’t we making more effort to use natural soaps to protect our skin and let them serve us longer and more powerfully/effectively?

It is generally accepted that the best quality natural soaps are made of natural vegetable oils. But that is not necessarily true; in fact, not every vegetable oil is good for the skin. The best natural soaps can be discovered as if they possess substances which allow the skin to protect and renew itself. For instance, olive oil is highly rich in those substances. The next step is to use those oils in soap making.

The other important factor is quality of those vegetable oils. As you know, vegetable oils have gone through many processes while being obtained, and the quality of vegetable oil is usually based on standards set by the government and other authorities. For instance: not every olive oil has the same quality; some of them are very good, and some are very poor in quality. Therefore, the most important factor that affects the quality of the soap is the quality of the vegetable oil that is used to make the soap. Certainly, the key to natural and good quality soap is to use natural vegetable oil.

Additionally, there are other substances that are being added during the soap making process. There are countless substances in many soap bars on the market. Some producers use these substances to keep the oil amount low (and thereby keep costs low). But are these substances natural?

Many of those substances are chemical-based and are not beneficial to our skin; in fact, they might be harmful. All in all, how can we expect benefit from substances of chemical origin? Some soap bars smell amazing, but we should keep in mind that most of the time these smells are chemical additives or perfumes or “essences” which have gone through lab processes.

Think about it for a second; someone approaches you and spills chemical substance on your hand, and your hand burns or becomes irritated by that; what would you do? But, you hurt your skin and damage it over time without even realizing it by using the products you choose. Therefore, you should be very careful when choosing the products you use and be selective when you do shopping. You should view and read the ingredients section on the product packages and avoid falling for any fancy and misleading notes on the front of the packages. Especially nowadays, you should be very cautious and selective when buying vegetables; since they are in danger of losing their naturalness; many consumer products are smiling at you and saying “buy me” from the shelves in the stores. For that reason, using natural soap is not a luxury anymore; it is essential for your health.

I am sure many of you already started to think about whether the foods and drinks you consume are natural or not, and this is very important step for you. Awareness will help you to live your lives healthier and happier. If you care about yourselves and your loved ones, you should definitely apply this principle to your lives.

Surely, while you challenge time with your sparkling skin by using natural soap, the happiness you experience will make your eyes shine, and you will attract and increase happiness around you and your loved ones.


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