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Step by Step to Healthier and Happier Lifestyle

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Everybody would like to have healthy and fit body but many of us are too lazy to make the changes, to take care our body and do necessary exercises for our body or skin care for our beautiful skin, that will lead us towards that. 

Healthy lifestyle is not very difficult to apply but you need to be persistent to follow the routine changes and implement new habits into your lifestyle. Persistency on this matter is very important because adopting new routine to your life requires strict rules and persistency, otherwise you won’t able to make it. Yes, motivation is important to make changes in our lives, but if you insist on following new routines then you will be successful, because motivation is not just always enough to get up and start working on the new stuff. You have to challenge yourselves, because when you want to do new stuff in your life, if your brain is not used to that new condition, then it will resist the change. The brain always feels comfortable in the areas that it feels it knows what is going on around. Anything new is a challenge to brain. So challenge your brain and challenge yourself.

You can start making small changes if it sounds easier for you, or you can simply do sharp habit changes. It depends on the people’s characteristics to choose the method. One method may work for one person, but not for other one. If you are not sure which method is right for you, try each of them and find out. If you do not do it, nobody will do it for you. Value yourself, value your life. Taking care of your body and improve your life style will bring you enormous positive effect and beauties.  But don’t wait for a magical one touch change. It takes time; therefore you need to be persistent and should not give up on this. It is very important to stick with improvements you are applying to your lives even though sometimes it feels like the most difficult thing to do. Don’t wait and act right away. The longer you wait, the more difficult it gets.

Here are few small tips for you to start working on for your healthy life style. Once you make these changes, you can work on more improvements in your lives.

I was going to write here “good luck” as a final note, but you don’t need good luck; you just need to trust in yourself and start acting and be persistent.

  • Wake up early and go to bed early.
    1. I know you would like to spend your time left from work and other obligatory stuff by relaxing, watching a movie or playing computer games, or drinking or night out, but keep in mind that your body and brain needs to rest, relax and replenish itself and only time it can do that is while you are at sleep at certain time period. Early hours at night is (approximately 11 pm) very important for you to go to sleep and replenish your body.
    2. Also wake up early, catch and absorb the beautiful amazing energy while sun rises and start your day energized. You might think that you need to sleep more to feel better, actually if you wake up early you will feel much better.
  • Eating habits:
    1. Eat at least three meals a day. You may change this if you are on a different diet program, (not the ones you stay hungry all day long and suffer from nutrition deficiency).
    2. Make sure your breakfast is not just coffee, coffee/muffin, or coffee/small snack. Have a nice good nutrition filled breakfast.
    3. Your dinner should not be huge and at late time.
    4. Try to eat healthy stuff. Not packaged or processed food, eat actual meal.
  • Bathing/Shower habits:
    1. Clean up yourself nicely and relax! I am sure everyone does that, but give yourself a little more time to relax during bath or shower. Take care of your skin which is very important for your body, since all our body is covered with that and we need to take care of our skins. You don’t need to spend our like you are in spa, but just add 5-10 minutes more to your routine and just relax, try some natural spa/bath products, soaps, body washes, natural bathing tools and natural oils. Keep in mind that skin exfoliating with loofah or silk/cotton body gloves is very effective way for our skin to replenish, relax and improve blood circulation in our body, reduces stress and helps to eliminate any unwanted skin problems and it has many more benefits.
    2. Use good quality skin and hair products! It is very important to use natural and good quality products on your skin and hair since those products are at direct contact with your body.
    3. Wash and cleanse your face with natural healthy good quality products such as natural soaps or natural tonics like rose water every morning and moisturize them with natural oils (olive oil is very good choice for that) or your preference. And do the same before you go to bed. You won’t believe how much it will distress you and help you feel better.
  • Exercise!!! Yes, there is no escape from this. You should do some physical exercise to support and strengthen your body. Do exercise routines mixed with some stretching, some strength, and some endurance exercises. You can at least start with 30 min small workout with stretching and strength exercises and walk around 30 min (not like you are walking on sunset, just little bit faster), and do this at least 3 times a week. This is very light exercise type, and you can simply find the workout types online that suits you best and improve your exercise routine every week or month.
  • Try to find a hobby that keeps your away from stress and helps you relax and do this at least 10 min a day. Yes, even 10 minutes helps your brain relax and distress. You don’t have to complain about not having time for hobbies. 10 minutes per day will improve your life so much. You can read book for 10 minutes, or do paintings, play dart, knitting, pray, meditate or anything you want. It does not have to be fancy. Just find something that helps you stay away from stress and do it for at least 10 min a day.

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